Amazing gluten free bread… it does exist!

December 17, 2010 at 8:22 am (products) (, , , , , , )

All those that have to follow a gluten free diet (and probably most of their family and friends) know that finding a good gluten free bread is pretty much impossible. I was under this impression until yesterday at lunch, when I decided to make a sandwich using the Chia Seed loaf Lifestyle Bakery sent me.

Lifestyle Bakery Chia Seed loaf (photo courtesy of Lifestyle Bakery)

As I always do (with gluten free bread) I went to toast the bread for my sandwich. I find this makes gluten free bread bearable to eat. However, just as I was about to do so, I thought I might just try a bit of the bread without toasting it first. I did this because the bread felt nice and soft unlike most gluten free breads. To my amazement, the bread tasted amazing! It is fluffy, soft, tasty…it actually tastes like bread!

I proceeded to eat a slice of the bread just with butter and couldn’t get enough of it. I also made my usual sandwich with the bread (cottage cheese, avocado, tomato and ham). I usually have a small garden salad with my sandwich and eat this after the sandwich because I prefer it, however yesterday I saved the sandwich until last (have you got the picture of how great this bread is yet?!).

I can’t wait to try their Chia Seed & Raisin Loaf and Fruit Loaf and really hope that Coles starts stocking their loaves soon!

Had you given up on gluten free bread?

Chia Seed loaf sandwich



  1. Ang said,

    Their Chia/Raisin Loaf is also fabulous!! 8) All the Lifestyle Bakery products are the best, in my opinion.. and even though I purchase direct after previously having a GF Webstore, I have been begging Coles to stock their products too!! Not meaning to knock the other brand/s stocked by them, but I often write a new product interest form to my local store saying they’re the best. Have fun with all the delicious things you can make with LB’s breads 8) The Pizza bases are my fav & when I’m out of stock the Chia Rolls cut as pizza bases are YUM!! Oooo might ask them to make Chia Bases!! 8) (Lifestyle Bakery, if you’re reading this.. a little Amaranth or Quinoa mixed in might be nice, too?) 😉

  2. Lifestyle Bakery said,

    Hi Ang! Thanks for those kind words.

    Thanks for requesting our products at Coles. I hope they listen. Customer feedback to stores does make a lot of difference, especially to small stores so we are always thankful to those that request products in their local outlets.

    We are working on some new products for next year so stay tuned to the website and the facebook page. 🙂

    Thanks Petra for the review. 🙂

  3. Susan said,

    Thanks for sharing. I will be emailing my coeliac mother in law and telling her about this bread.

    • Petra said,

      No problems – I hope she enjoys it as much as I do!

  4. sleepinghorse said,

    That’s a shame. I see they sell their products in Singapore but not New Zealand. Oh well,I guess I will have to continue to toast my heavy, gluten free bread.

  5. Amazing gluten free bread… it does exist! « CeliacFacts said,

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