Gluten free fruit mince tarts

November 29, 2010 at 11:59 am (products) (, , , , )

As Christmas gets closer I have been thinking about what foods I want to bake for the holiday season. One Christmas food that I enjoy but haven’t had since being diagnosed with coeliac disease is fruit mince tarts. I have been meaning to make some, however I noticed a pack of gluten free fruit mince bites at the supermarket the other day and therefore decided to try them out. The company, Jon Jon Bakeries have a number of products some of which are gluten free including lemon, chocolate berry filled, afghan and double chocolate chip biscuits and spiced apple & sultana, apricot, berry and the Christmas fruit mince bites.

Jon Jon Bakeries gluten free bites

The fruit mince bites are delicious and a good size and I will certainly be stocking up on these.

I purchased the bites from Coles however I think that they also stock through Woolworths. Being a NZ based company I am not sure how wide their distribution is in Australia so let me know if you see any of their products around!

I will also keep a look out for Jon Jon Bakeries’ other gluten free products, especially their afghans, a popular biscuit in New Zealand which I grew up eating!

Do you have fruit mince tarts at Christmas time?

Jon Jon Bakeries fruit mince tart

Jon Jon Bakeries fruit mince bites



  1. hollypop said,

    oh mince tarts, how i have missed you!
    the bakers delight ones were always so good.
    do these compare.. at all?

    • Petra said,

      I never tried to Bakers Delight ones however I believe that these are as good as any fruit mince tarts that I have eaten. If you try them let me know how you think they compare!

  2. Fiona said,

    Love fruit mince tarts, but the filling is too rich for my tummy!

  3. sleepinghorse said,

    I thought I would never be able to eat Christmas mince tarts again after being diagnosed as a Coeliac but I found these same tarts and they are as good as any I’ve had.

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