Body for Women protein shakes

October 28, 2010 at 8:39 am (products) (, , , , , )

For those of you who know me well I am a bit of a fitness freak, riding to and from work (16 very hilly km’s) three days a week among many other outdoor activities. I found that I was hungry all the time and therefore decided, as a start, to revisit what I was having for breakfast. My nutritionist suggested that I try having a Body for Women protein shake before I started off on my bike ride to work. The shakes, which clearly state they are gluten free, come in five different flavours; Summer Berries, Banana Smoothie, Cafe Latte, Swisse Chocolate and Vanilla Creme. I love the chocolate and summer berries flavours and also the cherry ripe flavour (which is made by mixing together these two flavours, an idea suggested by the team at Body for Women). The banana flavour isn’t too bad either however I am not a fan of the vanilla creme. I am yet to try the latte flavour as I don’t drink coffee, however I have been known to enjoy some bottled iced coffee’s so I am thinking of taking the plunge and trying it.

Body for Women protein shake

As an added bonus there are also a heap of healthy recipes on the Body for Women website (which I will be making and posting reviews/photos of on this blog soon so stay tuned) and exercise/health tips.

Overall, the shakes (among a number of changes in my diet) have really helped me to stay fuller for longer and therefore be more healthy in my eating. These days I also have one at about 3pm before my bike ride home or one of my other afternoon activities.

Have you made a change in your diet for the better?


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